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Long hours, sedentary desk jobs, poor chair posture and staring at screens all day can all contribute to a stressful and inefficient working environment. It is proven that relaxed workers are healthier and more creative.

Even more so now, companies are starting to focus on the wellbeing of their employees. Maybe your employees are working from home more now and you are looking for ways to keep the morale up. Or maybe you just know the benefits of exercise both physically and mentally, so you want to offer your staff ways to keep healthy. 

I offer both yoga and fitness classes, these can be privately run online, in the office or you can join the company unlimited packages where employees have access to up to 5 classes a week. 


Unlimited online classes 
  • All employees get access to over 20 online classes a month

  • 2 HIIT and 3 yoga classes per week

  • Classes are held via zoom so employees can do it from the comfort of their living room

  • Classes to suit all abilities 

  • Flexible and affordable prices

  • Private online (or at offices when lockdown lifts) classes

  • Choice of yoga or HIIT 

  • Classes are for your staff only 

  • Classes adapted to suit a a range of abilities 

Private company classes
Unlimited online classes
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