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I teach at various studios and halls in Tunbridge Wells, Penshurst and Sevenoaks and still teach a weekly online class. See my schedule below:



09:30                   Morning flow                        Fisical Mind and Body                  Sevenoaks   

18:00                   Dynamic vinyasa                  Flow                                                Tunbridge Wells 


18:30                   Interval training                    The Civic Centre                           Southborough

19:30                   Slow flow yoga                     The Civic Centre                           Southborough


18:30                   Mandala yoga                      Flourish Wellness                           Penshurst


09:30                   Vinyasa yoga                        The Civic Centre                           Southborough

12:30                   Vinyasa / Mandala                Online                                            Zoom

Class descriptons


Class descriptions

Some experience needed

A flowing, dynamic practice that moves 360 degrees around the mat. A strong class with inversion options. The class begins and closes with yin yoga postures. The sequences are designed to target specific areas of the body, which relate to their corresponding chakra and the elements of the Mayan calendar.  Some yoga experience required.

Vinyasa yoga

Open level but complete beginners should try a slow flow class

A flowing class that links breath to movement. It's an open level class designed to build strength and flexibility. The classes are creative and fun, that will leave you feeling energised and revitalised. 

Interval training

Some experience needed

High intensity bursts of exercise with short breaks in between. These are body weight workouts, we will work the whole body, improving both cardiovascular fitness and strength. This is an open level class, I will give options to modify as well as advance.

Slow flow yoga

Beginner friendly

Slower paced class that links breath to movement. We still move fluidly but postures are held for longer and transitions are a little slower. A great class for beginners and for those looking for a more gentle/deeper practice.