I’ve seen first-hand the wide range of mental and physical benefits yoga can have on an individual, particularly those that are already living stressful, hectic city lives. Chances to take a step away from your everyday stresses are hard to come by – I believe yoga is the perfect chance to do just that.

My classes are focused on connecting breath to movement, designed to strengthen, cleanse and tone your entire body whilst clearing your mind and being present. I invite anyone to come and practice with me, I encourage my students to have fun and challenge themselves, we don't take ourselves too seriously!


Long hours, sedentary desk jobs, pore chair posture and staring at screens all day can all contribute to a stressful and inefficient working environment. It is proven that relaxed workers are healthier and more creative.

Because of the concentration required, yoga enables us to quieten the constant ‘mind chatter’, which in turn gets us into better moods, relieves stress and anxiety and allows workers to feel more relaxed.

In an age of increased focus on staff wellbeing, yoga couldn’t be a better addition to you and your staff’s weekly routine in the office. Whether you’d like pre, post or lunch time classes, just get in touch and we’ll see if we can get your office feeling a little more zen.



Many people can benefit from private yoga lessons, whether you are a beginner needing the extra attention, a busy professional with a demanding job, or maybe you just prefer the privacy of doing yoga in your own home.

I am able to travel to you, bringing mats and props. We can discuss your needs and goals from which I will create a tailored sequence of poses to enhance your practice. 

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