Please join me online for a variety of yoga and HIIT classes via Zoom. 




All classes also have a recording available if you can't make the live class. Just sign up for the class as usual and I will send you the link afterwards. 


Drop in class - £6 (45minute) £4 (30 minute)

Unlimited weekly pass - £15 - valid for 7 days

10 pack class pass - £50 (£5 per class) valid for 90 days

5 pack class pass - £27.50 (£5.50 per class) valid for 60 days

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training' - High intensity bursts of exercise with short breaks in between. These are body weight workouts, we will work the whole body, improving both cardiovascular fitness and strength. This is an open level class, I will give options to modify as well as advance.

Vinyasa flow - open level - A flowing class that links breath to movement. It's an open level class designed to build strength and flexibility. The classes are creative and fun, that will leave you feeling energised and revitalised.

Slow flow - open level - Slower paced class that links breath to movement. We still move fluidly but postures are held for longer and transitions are a little slower. A great class for beginners and for those looking for a more gentle/deeper practice.

Power yoga - A challenging vinyasa flow based class. The classes are focused on building strength. Expect to smile and sweat, but leave full of energy and positivity.

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